Mazda Mazda6 Touring Car

Mazda Mazda6 Touring Car

 Lobby ID: 1472-6681-3415-7079-8484


Nurburgring GP/D (60 min
nurburgringVýsledky kvalifikace: screenshot
Výsledky závodu: screenshot
Typ startu: Grid Start
Penalizace: None
Poškození: Light
Fuel/Tyres: Fast
Grip: Real
Slipstream: Real
Skid Recovery: Zakázáno
Active Steering: Zakázáno
ASM: Zakázáno
Driving Line: Zakázáno
TCS: Zakázáno
ABS: Povoleno
Délka kvalifikace: 6 min.
Povinná zastávka v boxech: 0
Povinná výměna typu pneumatik: ne




  1. Brilliant from qualification to the end of the race and sorry for my part with lag and now I know why theworld and eisy were diving out of my way when I was close to you both and I am sorry but I did not see any problem with lag , so to be fair to you both especially theworld can you change my finished position behind theworld, as it seems fair because if it wasn’t for my lag then theworld and eisy would have had a better race….Sorry

  2. Snail comes to mind but should be a good close race

  3. tohle není moc stavěný na závodění ne? 😀

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