Le Mans 2019 – LMP2 – pCARS2

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Le Mans 2019 – LMP2 – pCARS2

Okruh: La Sarthe
Délka závodu: 90 min
Třída aut: LMP2

Výsledky závodu: Screenshot

Qualifying: 30 min.
Allow Start engine: Yes
Force Interior View: Yes
Force Default Setup: Yes
Force Manual Gears: Yes
Realistic Aids: Yes
Traction Control: Yes
Stability Control: No
Colisions: Yes
Damage Type: Full Damage
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: No
Force Manual Pitstops: Yes
Pit Stops Errors: No
Tyre Wear: Accelarated
Fuel Depletion: Yes
Force Cooldown Lap: Yes
Datum startu: 24.6.
Povinny Pit Stop: No
Weather Progression: Sync To Race
Rules a Penalties: ON
Track Limit Penalties: ON
Allowable Time Penalty: 15
Drive through penalty: Yes
Pit Exit Penalty: ON
Competitive Racing Licence: ON (U1000)

weather progression: sync to race
weather forecast: authentic
weather slots qualifying: 2
weather slots race: 4

Race time progression: 15 x


Červen 24 2019


Date: Červen 24
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Závod Categories:


  • Založení lobby: 19:00 hod
  • Start kvalifikace: 20:00 hod
  • Start závodu: 20:30 hod
  • Konec závodu: 22:00 hod

Platforma: project cars 2