HPA Motorsports Stage II R32

HPA Motorsports Stage II R32

Termín: 17.04.2015
Založení lobby: 20:00 hod
Start kvalifikace: 20:15 hod
Konec závodu: 21:30 hod
Typ závodu: Turnaj – Freecup
Auto: HPA Motorsports Stage II R32
Pneu: sportovní měkké

Lobby ID: 1472-6118-3916-1737-6201


Deep Forest (60 min)
Výsledky kvalifikace: screenshot
Výsledky závodu: screenshot
Typ startu: Grid Start
Penalizace: None
Poškození: Light
Fuel/Tyres: Fast
Grip: Real
Slipstream: Real
Skid Recovery: Zakázáno
Active Steering: Zakázáno
ASM: Zakázáno
Driving Line: Zakázáno
TCS: Zakázáno
ABS: Povoleno
Délka kvalifikace: 6 min.
Povinná zastávka v boxech: 0
Povinná výměna typu pneumatik: ne


  1. Jedna chyba a stála mne podium, ale i tak super závod 🙂

  2. Someone has a really bad internet connection and it is effecting people joining the lobby, sort it out who ever it is, it is annoying 🙁

    • good point. but i cant say im having great connection last two days… just because i had today day off i was home during day and i noticed today and yesterday late night i was having some problems with my internet connection. my isp is usually very good. so i wont complain for little problems if its not often.
      and because so many ppl had problems tonight. maybe PSN is having bad times.

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