Concepts race

Concepts race

 Lobby ID: 1472-4711-0167-3384-5743

SPA (1 hod)
Výsledky tréninku: screenshot
Výsledky kvalifikace: screenshot
Výsledky závodu: screenshot
Typ startu: Grid Start
Penalizace: None
Poškození: Light
Fuel/Tyres: Fast
Grip: Real
Slipstream: Real
Skid Recovery: Zakázáno
Active Steering: Zakázáno
ASM: Zakázáno
Driving Line: Zakázáno
TCS: Zakázáno
ABS: Povoleno
Délka kvalifikace: 6 min.
Povinná zastávka v boxech: 0
Povinná výměna typu pneumatik: ne


  1. Výsledky na webu 🙂

  2. Eau Rouge beat me again, cutting the corner most of the time and even though the car is superb the tyres were a pain in the ass 🙁

  3. Vypadá to na problém s PSN 🙁

  4. Just test drove them both and I have to say that the choice of cars isn’t a hard one to pick, who ever made this choice of two cars really needs to do some testing….

    Citroen it’s big and it feels heavy when driving, feels slow on acceleration and breaking, bloody hell break a lot earlier than you would normally and you might just make it and as for cornering it’s a drifting wonder as for speed its there but as for the drifting concept of the car tires will be a major issue after 3 laps fronts 9 back 8 and lap times were an average of 2:24.

    Toyota light nimble great on acceleration no drift what so ever, seems to suffer with a bit of understeer but pulling out of corners is wonderful, breaking there is no issues as you are not required to break as early as the Citroen, top speed its there especially when your battery is fully charged and tires is not an issue and lap times after 3 test laps are an average of 2:17

    So the choice of car is not a factor so you might as well make it as a Toyota FT-1 race

    I don’t think much research was done for the choice of cars for us to choose from 2. But this is my thoughts after testing.

    See you all tonight and have a nice day all 🙂

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